Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hampstead Heath: Access to Nature

The excursion to the Park in Hampstead Heath was a delightful surprise. Expecting the same style of park as the Inner-city parks, such as Hyde Park and Regent Park, Hampstead was a drastic contrast. Rather than the clean-cut, formal style of park, Hampstead was a little rough around the edges. It was filled with rocky paths, thick brush, uncut grass, and a much more informal set-up. The less-planned park gave it a more natural feel. 

Here's Lauren walking on one of the main paths of the park. The trees and brush are thick and unkept, but give it a natural atmosphere.

This seemed to be a popular place for letting pet dogs run free for awhile.

Here's Parliament Hill, or "Kite Hill," where people come to send their kites soaring.

You can see in the picture just how rugged the hill is. The grass was kind of blotchy and uncut, but it was somewhat appealing.

Fallen trees are left fallen, and provide a sort of natural playground.

Hampstead had bikers galore. I observed the paths were rougher and more strenuous, affording a more extreme ride for serious bikers.

Again, you can see the grass on the hill is uncut. It gives the whole park a more rugged feel.

The whole city lies at my feet.

The paths are rough, yet still accessible to the handicapped.

Not exactly like the Italian Gardens at Kensington, but the mossy, murkiness of this pond has its own beauty.

The landscape increasingly becomes more refined as it nears the city.

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