Monday, December 1, 2008

Chelsea: Walk of the Superstars

Chelsea is basically where the cool people live. All the rock stars and legends of literature, music, and art made their nests here. So if you are a V.I.P. or planning to make history, you should consider finding real estate here. It might burn a hole in your pocket though-- living here is a bit pricey. Still, everybody who is anybody can be found in this very neighborhood. You can hardly throw a rock down the street without hitting some sort of plaque or a famous residence. For many years this has been the home of London's superstars, and continues to be today. Don;t take my word though. See for yourself...

Royal Ave. is considered the fictional address of our favorite secret agent, James Bond. What I's like to know, is if there are real secret agents living in this area, or if there ever was. Perhaps, Pierce Brosnan was intereted in real estate in this area.
34 Tite Street is where Oscar Wilde made his residence. He was a famous victorian author who wrote beloved play The Importance of Being Earnest and the one we recently saw, An Ideal Husband. This general area is also where Princess Diana and the "Sloane Rangers" worked some of their magic. It used to be a slum part of town, but they rejuvenated it to restore it to its old glory.
Artists also made their homes on Tite Street, such as John Singer Sargent (#31) and James Whistler (#35).  These houses are not the original ones that the artists lived in, but seeing where all of these famous Londoners lived helps you understand the area demographics. The VIPs make live around these parts.
Here at Number 19, Bram Stoker graced St. Leonard's Street with his presence. He is the author of Dracula. Perhaps, he inspired Stephanie Meyer.
Here is Lawrence street where the famous T.S. Eliot lived for much of his long life. The novelist, Henry James, also lived on Lawrence Street. He died at his residence in 1916. This shows that this was a very fashionable area for writers.
Just for fun, here is where the famous rock star Mick Jagger used to live. Stars of the past and present flocked to this area. It doesn't matter if you are a poet or a Rolling Stone.
Here at #16 Cheyne Walk, lived Dante Rossetti. He was one of the famous artists of the Pre-Raphaelite  brotherhood. They believed art had become too academic, and had lost its beauty and sincerity. They strove to bring the aspects of art back that they considered to be essential. Dante also had a famous sister, Christina, who was a poet and posed for one of his paintings.
Just down the street from Rossetti lived George Eliot-- aka Mary Ann Evans. Again, this was the area for serious writers and artists-- not silly female novelists.
Just a hop, skip, and a jump away is Flood Street. This is the street where Margaret Thatcher lived. She was Britain's first and only woman prime minister. Known as the iron lady, she was tough, a staunch conservative, and a powerful speaker-- she certainly left her mark. I wouldn't mind seeing more Margaret Thatchers in our government today!

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