Monday, December 1, 2008

Sainte Chapelle

This lovely little chapel is a jewel in the crown of Paris. It lies in the courtyard of royal palace on the Île de la Cité, and was built by Louis IX to house holy relics: Christ's crown of thorns, image of Edessa, and thirty other relics of Christ.
The stained glass of the chapel is absolutely stunning. The room is small, but has tall, stretching walls that are completely paneled with the colorful glass pictures. When inside you seem to be completely encompassed by them, and the gothic stone tracery that delicately frames each panel. There is also one large rose window in the back of the chapel that is quite lovely.
Two-thirds of the stained glass in the chapel is the original that Louis IX had built, but some of it was severely damaged during the French Revolution. Still, I couldn't which were new or old. They were all absolutely gorgeous.

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Julie said...

Ok, I just love looking at your pics Holli but I have to remind myself "Thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not covet..."

I am just going to have to live through you for now! ha ha