Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quarry Bank Mill

I admit, the idea of visiting a textile mill did not sound very exciting to me as we were sitting on the bus on the way to the North. Though I had to drag my tired body off the vehicle all the way up to the museum to engage my mind on cotton and its production, I do not regret that I did it. I had never in my life visited anything like this place. Learning about the Mill's history and the development of cotton production was areal eye opener for me.

I could not believe the conditions that these people worked in for hours upon hours at a time. I imagine the quality of the air must have been horrible, which led to related sicknesses. The chaotic noise that the machinery made must have driven everyone mad if not made them deaf. I can't fathom a day when children would work hours as long and hard as their parents did, and were expected to keep up. The very idea of this place running in its day seems to be something of another world, but I guess its not far from a correct statement. It was a different world back then.

On a lighter note, learning about how the cotton was produced was quite interesting. It was enlightening to see the genius developments that took place during the Industrial Revolution. To watch the old, clanking machinery spinning the thread in perfect synchronization was awe-inspiring. I really had never seen anything like it before. As loud and rackety as this machinery was this was the beginning of mass production and the growth of businesses. They proved to be pretty successful too. At least from the looks of Port Sunlight, the mansion filled with the Mill owner's extensive personal art collection, business must've been pretty good at the Mill!

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