Sunday, November 16, 2008

This is Speaker's Corner

I recently took the trip to Speaker's Corner when I had a free morning on Sunday. I arived there pretty early, so there weren't many people out yet. But it wasn't long before the crowds and speakers began to develop. I stood listening to a religious man who was holding up signs that said, "The Blood of Jesus Christ" in bright red. His message was that there will be an evil force coming to this world in these last days. It will seem good, and we will want to accept it, but it will ultimately destroy us. The only way we can save ourselves is through Christ. He was a little over the top at times, but most of his commentary on the prophecies of Revelations I actually agreed with.

Next I listened to man who had plastic devil horns glued to his hat. He spoke about how we should eliminate descriptive color words that refer to race from our language. We should not call someone "black" or "white" because that is not what they are. We should only describe someone by their personality. One younger black girl was getting frustrated with him, and he called her and her friend racists. It was all very interesting.

I think my favorite person was this old, hippie man who was just walking around making commentary on everyone else's points. He had long hair and dressed in ragged clothing, and had buttons on his jacket that said "One People." He was a peculiar sight, but when he spoke he was remarkably eloquent. To me, he was the epitome of a "street philosopher." 

I understand why missionaries do not use this as a venue for reaching the gospel anymore. It is a unique place, but not a spiritual environment for teaching the gospel. Still, I had a very memorable time here.

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