Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kensington: The "Regulars" at the park

On my late afternoon stroll in Kensington Gardens, I decided to go solo. It was the ideal place to gather my thoughts and some peace of mind while enjoying the lovely Autumn scenery and fresh air-- the kind I just can't get in Arizona. I realized though, that it was the fashionable hour when all the "smart" Londoners are out on the promenade-- to see and be seen. Consequently, I ran into some old friends and a few of the "regulars" of Kensington Gardens. Without fail, you can always count on casually running a few of them.

Peter Pan usually hangs around the Serpentine, playing his little flute for any passerby. He is kind of a show off.
Albert himself, in his golden image, is a little bit unfortunate. He does not get to enjoy the lovely view of the park since his golden chair is always fixed toward the city.
Watch out for this guy. He's cute and friendly, but he only wants your Hob Knobs.
It's always an awkward encounter when I run into this guy-- the naked horseman. Are there any indecent exposure laws in the park? A dress code, perhaps?
Rude. Everyone knows that this is my afternoon bench-- right by the flower walk. This is bad form on the part of my feathered friend.
Queen Victoria is always at the foot of Kensington Palace. I tried to avoid conversation with her though. She is really a bore. All she does is talk about the weather.
This group looks very familiar to me. I always see them at the Park, but I know I've seen them elsewhere. A London cocktail party? Maybe it was the Royal Opera House?...  Odette!
William III on his usual pedestal is actually a charming greeter at the gates of Kensington Palace.

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