Sunday, November 16, 2008

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral was a very different Cathedral experience in London. The exterior, itself, hinted that it was not a typical Gothic/Norman/Baroque style cathedral that most of the Wren-inspired religious buildings adhere to. The cathedral is a large red brick building built in a Byzantine style. If I had only passed by, I wouldn't have known if it were a Catholic church or a Greek orthodox. The style was very unique for this type of Cathedral.
The interior was just as different. Rather than stone, the whole inside was made of green marble with gold gilding.  The set-up of the cathedral was very traditional, but the appearance alone distinguished it from other Cathedrals I have been to. The style had an almost Middle Eastern feel to it. It was very different, but very beautiful.
I also enjoyed looking at the many chapels in the cathedral. They had very detailed descriptions of each chapel, and its purpose. St. Paul's chapel is for those who wish to pray on behalf of missionaries spreading the gospel and those who are persecuted because of their beliefs. Another chapel is for prayer on behalf of those who have passed away, that their  journey through Purgatory might be peaceful and smooth. There were a few people praying in this particular chapel. I enjoyed learning more about these chapels, and their religious significance.

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